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Why Do Vapes Leak?

Often when a vape leaks, there is no need to discard and replace the device. This is because many of the reasons for a leaking vape can be easily resolved. Some circumstances may dictate a need to replace your device, however. Here are a few examples of why a vape may leak:

  • A faulty vape tank could be the cause of a leaking vape, so it is worth checking for visible signs of damage to the tank, such as cracks.
  • Overfilling, or incorrectly filling a vape tank with e-liquid can cause leaks. Good practice is to take care when filling or refilling the tank with e-liquid. For some devices, you may want to leave a bubble of air at the top of the tank to create a vacuum that keeps liquid from spilling out.
  • A loose vape tank can be a problem as it might allow e-liquid to discharge. Ensure the tank is amply tightened and secure.
  • Incorrect e-liquids can be problematic for vapes. Only use e-liquid that is compatible with your device, and avoid liquids that are incompatible. It is best practice to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on compatible e-liquids.
  • Incorrect wattage or voltage levels could result in a leak. This is something the manufacturer’s advice should cover, and we recommend you follow this guidance.
  • Improper handling of your device could cause leaks. Follow manufacturer’s guidance on how to correctly handle the vape. Careful handling of a device can limit leaks.
  • – A faulty vape coil is another common reason for leaks. A vape coil that has malfunctioned or worn out can cause a device to leak. This extends to o-rings; a rubber band that is attached to the coil. When displaced or degraded, o-rings can cause leakages. Fortunately, o-rings and coils can be changed in many vape devices with ease.

Looking After Your Device

Certain precautions can prevent the reoccurrence of a leaking vape in many cases. For example, and as mentioned previously, handling your device correctly is an important precautionary measure.

After identifying and resolving the cause of a leaking vape, we recommend adult vapers incorporate careful cleaning and maintenance into their device’s care routine. Often, cleaning goes a long way in preventing problems, like leakages, in a vape. Use this cleaning time to inspect the device and check for any damages. Vaping with a malfunctioning part can cause lasting damage, and we recommend replacing any defective components of a vape to prevent this.

Measures like these will likely help to prevent frequent leaks in the future. However, when preventive measures have been factored in but leaks still continue to occur, then it might be time to look for a replacement device. When considering a new device, quality is an important factor. Some modern, quality devices may feature leak-resistant designs such as vape tanks that do not leak.

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