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Your first steps with IQOS ORIGINALS ONE

Learn everything about your start with IQOS ORIGINALS ONE:
How to use, charge and clean your IQOS properly, as well as tips and tricks for the best possible tobacco experience.

Get to know your IQOS Originals ONE

Follow the below steps to learn the key features on your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE

1. Press the button of IQOS ORIGINALS ONE for 4 seconds to turn. the device ON or OFF.

2. Press and release the button briefly to view the charge status. while it is not in use.
4 white strip lights: More than 75% charged.
3 white strip lights: 50% – 75% charged
2 white strip lights: 25% – 50% charged
1 white strip light: Less than 25% charged
Yellow light: Your device is discharged, charge your device

3. Plug your device into a power outlet with the provided original IQOS ORIGINALS ONE power adaptor and cable. While your device is being charged, the lights will be pulsing.

4. Ensure your device is fully charged to have up to 20 experiences.

5. Now, you know the basics and ready to use your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE! 

How to use your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE

Start your first experience with your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE

1. Slide the lid and insert a HEETS tobacco stick gently. Insert the tobacco end first and stop at the silver line of the tobacco stick. Refrain from pulling the cap and twisting the HEETS stick.

2. Press the button on your device until it vibrates. Lights will start pulsing to prepare the experience. Wait until you feel two vibrations and the lights become stationary.

3. You are ready to go! Remember that;

3.1. One experience will be up to 14 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes first.

3.2. While your device is in use, the lights will also show how much of your current experience is remaining.

3.3. When 2 more puffs or 30 seconds are remaining, the device will vibrate, and the lights will start to pulse.


4. Once finished, pull up the cap and remove the tobacco stick. Remember always to pull up the cap first.

5. Once tobacco stick is removed, slide down the cap back.

How to clean your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE

Clean your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE for the best possible tobacco experience

1. Ensure to let your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE fully cool down before you start cleaning (at least 30 seconds after the last use)

2. Slide the cap off and tap out any loose tobacco.

3. Open the rotating head of the cleaning tool and insert without twisting. Gently rotate three times. Remove without twisting. Gently tap your device again for any remaining residue

4. Open the sweeping head of the cleaning tool and align the position to the device and the heating blade. Insert smoothly without twisting. Move sideways from left to right to remove the residue around the blade. Gently tap your device again for any remaining residue.

5. Use cleaning sticks to clean inside the device without touching the heating blade. Clean also the inside of the cap from the bottom and the top.

6. Refrain from applying too much pressure and touching the heating blade.

7. Clean after each pack of the tobacco sticks to save the taste you like


Use the AC adaptator.

Always use the original IQOS ORIGINALS ONE power adaptor and cable with a wall outlet to charge your device. This will help your device to be charged faster. Watch the tutorial to learn more on your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE device!

Change the cap regularly.

Change the cap of IQOS ORIGINALS ONE every 6 months with a new one. This will help you to keep the optimal heated tobacco experience that you like. Watch the tutorial to learn more on how to keep your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE clean!

Avoid twisting the HEETS sticks.

Make sure you don’t twist the HEETS tobacco stick while inserting it into your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE, since this twisting motion can damage the heating blade. Watch the tutorial to learn more on how to use your IQOS ORIGINALS ONE!

That's not all. There's more useful information in our IQOS ORIGINAL ONE User Guide.

Our IQOS ORIGINALS ONE User Guide will let you delve deep into how your device works and how to use it.